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L S T  S c i e n c e s  P h y s i q u e s  e t  C h i m i q u e s
S p é c i a l i t é  M o d é l i s a t i o n

The licence in " Sciences Physiques et Chimiques spécialité Modélisation" (SPCM) is a multidisciplinary curriculum bringing together mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, and fundamentals in physics and chemistry geared towards the understanding of the architectures and properties of matter together with a strong backgound in optics.
The conjunction of high quality courses in mathematics, physics, chemistry and computer science is instrumental in building skills for phenomena analysis and modelisation. Moreover, practicals in computer science and modelisation allow for the mastering of current software in data processing and numerical simulations in a wide scientific area.

Research-Education partnership rely on the institutes et research departments in Bordeaux 1 university, in applied mathematics, physics et chemistry. Third year students are integrated in research groups for at least 2 months and fully participate to current research projects.
This curriculum allow for further studies in the master degrees of Bordeaux 1 university or any other european university. Foreign students from the EU are particularly welcomed to apply to the SPCM.


All courses are shared with the largest licence curricula available in Bordeaux 1 : Licence de Chimie (Chemistry), licence de Physique (Physics), and Licence d'ingéniérie mathématique (Applied Mathematics).

The large number of optional credits allows for a high level of customisation of the curriculum. This should benefit SOCRATES students looking for sufficiently versatile curricula well suited for theirfurther education project.

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Pe d a g o g i c a l   t e a m

Alain Fritsch, Eric Cornier, Gilles Carbou, Frédéric Castet, Philippe Bopp
Yacine Hannachi, Nathalie Geneste, Jean-Christophe Soetens

R e s o u r c e  c e n t e r s   a n d   e-L e a r n i n g   f a c i l i t y

CREMI : Resource center in Mathematics and Computer Science
Espace Lavoisier : Resource center in Chemistry
Serveur ULYSSE : the Bordeaux 1 e-Learning platform


Skills in chemistry
Basic organic et inorganic chemistry
Theoretical chemistry

Skills in physics
classical Mechanics
uantum mechanics
Electrostatics et électromagnetism

Skills in mathematics et computer science
Mathematics for physical sciences
Modelisation et numérical analysis
scientific computing, fortran and object programming
Numerical methods (optimisation, molecular modeling moléculaire, numerical simulation).

P r o g r a m 

downloadable (pdf format ) :

Curriculum content table

Detailed Information on the courses contents (in french)


advised options


ECTS balance :

by type
  135 ECTS scientific
  18 ECTS scientifiques options
  6 ECTS free option
  16 ECTS non scientific
  6 ECTS research project
by discipline
  Total chemistry = 49 ECTS / 180, soit 27 %
  Total Physics = 26 ECTS / 180, soit 14 %
  Total Math-Computer science= 60 ECTS / 180, soit 33 %
  Total others = 46 ECTS, soit 26 %